First Ride EMTB-Tipps

Here are ten EMTB bicycling tips


Motoroutput is directly related to Cadence! (best 70-100rpm).Simply put the faster you paddle the more the motor will help you.

2. Wrong Gear

Gear selection to always stay in the rigth Cadence window (see above)

3.Selecting Power Mode

On steep climbs Turbo is not always best (better to switch to Emtb mode).On flat parts Eco-Mode if you want to have a little workout or Tour-mode if you want to enjoy the Ride and Nature with no effort.


Always look 3-4 Bike lenghts in front (not down on the Frontwheel), Head-up High

  • Looking Ahead
  • Thinking about other Trail users
  • Ground Conditions
  • Changes in Slope (Gearing and Motormode)
  • Braking

5. Line Choice

Pick the line of least resistance (avoid muddpaddles, roots etc)

6. Never put the Ebike upside down!!

Damage control units, etc on the Handelbar-cause of weight

7. Misunderstanding Range

Battery Range is affected by:

  • Weight
  • Battery Capacity
  • Power Modes used
  • Ground Conditions
  • Tyre Pressure/Choice
  • Weather Conditions
  • Cadence

8. Standing up on Climbs

Stay seated to maintain Tiregrip (different to a normal MTB), on really tricky Sections Saddle can be lowered to get even more grip on the Rearwheel.

9. Deep Water

Emtb are not 100% Waterproof- watercrossings are fine but not if the motorsection gets completely submersed. Please avoid Rivercrossings at all cost!

10. Always power your Bike off

When you need to carry it and at each end of the ride or longer stop!